Founder of Gourmet Intolerance Sarah, is a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. Sarah's passion is supporting females through their pregnancy journey, post pregnancy, newborns and children. From going through pregnancy herself she understands the great but also difficult times that are involved. Through recent extensive research Sarah knows how important it is to optimise your body nutritionally before conception and during pregnancy to support healthy development of your child. She knows how to reduce and support incidences of behaviour conditions, food allergies and intolerances, pregnancy complications and much more. However pregnancy is only the first part, post pregnancy is where the real fun begins. Breastfeeding, newborns and mother support is a huge area that is often ignored. Sarah supports families during this difficult period, providing solutions, alternatives and nutritional supplementation to improve either the mother or child's condition. 


Gourmet intolerance offers a selection of easy, simple recipes that accommodate various food requirements. It also provides recent scientific researched information and ongoing community support.