About Sarah

Hello my name is Sarah, I am a qualified Nutritionist with a bachelor of nutritional medicine. I completed my degree over 5 years ago. I have always focussed my attention on food allergies, intolerance and sensitivity. I come from a family where most of my sisters and their children either suffer from a food allergy or intolerance. I then funny enough married an amazing guy who has suffered from dermatitis his entire life with no answers. We than had the most beautiful child who by the age of 6 months started showing signs of eczema. I thought I had escaped from any skin problems until after having our daughter I too then developed skin reactions. With little help from specialities I had to pull out all my nutrition tools and get to the bottom of it. I love researching and learning, there is constantly new information coming out and I feel I have a light bulb moment daily and run around the house full of excitement. Nutrition is constantly evolving with new updated information and every person is unique with their own stories which makes my job so exciting. I love what I do, I love seeing people living their fullest life.

What I hope I can do for you is dive down to the very bottom of the root cause. Develop manageable food alternatives that suits your lifestyle. Improve your overall health so you can live that life you deserve to live.